Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last Halloween, I turned off all the lights and hid in the back of the house, ignoring every time the doorbell rang. Halloween itself wasn’t the problem- people were the problem. I had just finished the seventh and last failed IUI cycle and I was so unhappy and grumpy that I secretly referred to myself as the Grinch. Many times I wondered if I would make it through the day at work without walking out.

This year, there were a lot of kids in our neighborhood, but most didn't notice our front door, hidden in the back. A. thought the party favors that I was giving out instead of candy were lame, and he suggested we go out to a Japanese restaurant instead. That is a treat because sushi breaks our budget for eating out, but I have an insatiable craving for tempura, so he knew I would agree. Also, you aren't supposed to eat sushi while you are trying to conceive or pregnant, and I am still trying to make up for all that missed sushi.


Hope2morrow said...

Welcome back! Do you have cruise pics?

Glad your Halloween wasn't a bust. What a sweet guy!

binx said...

I didn't know you liked sushi so much. I'm not fond of it, myself.

hopeyg said...

T. I'm glad you had a good Halloween, complete with Sushi and Tempura. Did you know Tempura is really easy to make? One of my roomates in Rome was half Japanese and she showed me how to make it. When I come back home for Christmas break we should have a Tempura night.
Love ya,

the Chits said...

So after you had sushi did you go out to eat? It never fills me up. However maybe my problem is that I run out of money before I get full. -the Chits