Tuesday, November 11, 2008


When my sister was seeing an alternative doctor for detox after her chemo, he gave her all sorts of tests, but one was an estrogen test. He said there are two types of estrogen- good and bad- and you can decrease the bad estrogen by getting more exercise. Since endometriosis is associated with excess estrogen too, I wondered if I would also benefit by increased exercise.

It is so hard to drag myself to the (outdoor) swimming pool when it is windy and 50 degrees, and nearly impossible to look forward to my 45-minute bike commute, but I am ALWAYS glad I did it afterwards. Another tip that helps too- every four weeks allow yourself to slack off a little.

Exercise decreases stress and depression, and losing six pounds of infertility treatment weight helps with the self-image. Things are going well!


hopeyg said...

Hey T. way to go loosing 6 pounds. I find it particularily hard to exercise here in North Dakota, and it does influence my mood. When it's negative 20 degrese with the wind-chill, it's just hard to get up and exercise. Today was a good day though, not only for me but for many people. Love you, Hope

chicklet said...

Six pounds - woot! I'm the same - it's hard to drag myself there but so glad when I do.

charity said...

Hey what up? No tea? No secrets?