Monday, January 11, 2010

House buying

One thing I learned during the whole infertility process is not to live as if you are going to get pregnant.
So... A and I are considering buying a 2-bedroom house even though we really want a 3-bedroom. It's in a good location and has all the other features we want, and we three bedrooms for two people is really a luxury, even though it would be handy when we have guests.
But we are also planning to try IVF for the first time this spring. Does that make buying a 2-bedroom house foolish?

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ApronStringsEm said...

I've been amiss in keeping up with blogs lately ... and then I noticed this new *ditty* in my google reader today. So sorry I missed it when you posted it back in Jan.

To answer your question ... nope; not foolish. If I've learned anything over my IF journey is to take things as it comes. No sense in stressing / worrying about "what if's."

Good luck with all these changes ... and I hope you continue to blog some more; especially with your upcoming IVF cycle. I'd love to be there to offer some support (for whatever it's worth!)