Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blogging as Therapy

This morning I read an interesting post about why Life From Here started blogging about her infertility and miscarriage. What struck me was that she described herself as keeping the pain to herself, and how blogging helped her to connect with others.

She also links to two articles about blogging as group therapy and a second article about the positive effects of blogging.

I get even more out of reading other people's blogs than from writing my own, but the reason I used the word "secrets" in my blog title is because I do usually keep my feelings to myself. Even if I wanted to talk about my problems, I couldn't do it because I would become overly emotional. It is much easier to write instead. And the reader can always close the page so I know I'm not forcing my ideas on you.


Io said...

Yay bloggers :)
It is so much easier to let it out online, where you know somebody will be able to identify and acknowledge.

luna said...

sometimes I am amazed by the "secrets" I reveal on my blog that no one IRL knows... thanks for sharing, and glad you liked the post.

hopeyg said...

Ya it seems like a good healthy way to express things.

Love ya,

Hope2morrow said...

Just found your blog through "Lost and Found."

My hubby and I have shared our struggles to conceive with few friends, and only one person in my family knows. We all have our secrets, but they protect us. I'm fine with secrets if they cause less pain and keep us from getting hurt.

Good luck on your journey. I'll check back to see what decisions you made about your next steps.

Faith G said...

Yeah, I don't get much out of journaling either, except it can help me focus when I'm distracted. Otherwise I need to write TO someone whom I know will read it. It is very therapeutic.

charity said...

Yeah I agree. It seems to be a perfect outlet.

The Rebound Girl said...

Blogging is definitely therapeutic for me. Journaling has always been my thing any way to release and get all these thoughts out of my head. Whatever works.