Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A. commented the other day on how parents will go to great lengths to spend time with their adult children. It's not that their children don't love them- just that they have busy lives and don't devote much to their parents. But it is sort of like unrequited love anyway- you can google a person, look at photographs of them, call them, but it is nothing in comparison to actually being with them. It must be so painful for the parents! My mom admitted that she calls me sometimes just to hear my voice on the answering machine. A's parents live thousands of miles away and only see him once or twice a year.
One good thing about not having children is that you won't have to go through this with your own adult children someday.


Io said...

My sister was in town yesterday and we had dinner with my parents. It was sad to see how much they miss her. It makes me feel like I can't move away since my brother and sister both live far away.

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

Awww... your mum sounds really sweet.

Hope2morrow said...

Hang tight, girl. Parents can drive us crazy, but they sure love us unconditionally.