Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I owe you a new post, but things have been going pretty well lately, so I haven't felt the need to write.

I took a half day off work today to be home while they installed new carpet and linoleum. Despite all the noise, it was great to be home and finish the balloon curtain project that I started when I couldn't find anything I liked at IKEA. I can't hang it up until the adhesive on the velcro sets, but no matter what, it will look better than just tacking fabric over to the window, which was A's suggestion. (He can't sleep with ANY light in the room.)

A few months ago, in an attempt to increase our consumption of vegetables, I signed up for organic vegetable delivery. We only receive the deliveries every two weeks, but because we eat out so often on the weekends and I am so tired during the week, it has been difficult to use up all the produce- especially the unusual items that I don’t know how to cook- things like kale, parsnips and radishes. And just how often can you eat artichokes? It actually becomes a bit stressful looking at all the floppy parsnips and wilted lettuce in the fridge. But this week, I used up nearly everything in one week (yeah!) and now we can go to the farmer’s market on Sunday and buy some more.

Last week a friend who doesn't see me very often commented that he thought I had lost weight. The scale says that isn't true. Nevertheless, his comment has been quite the motivator to keep me bicycling to work. Maybe the scale is wrong- after all, it's probably an IKEA original.


Hope2morrow said...

Sounds like you're motivated, girl! Way to go!

Keep us the great work.

P.S. Scales DO lie!

Faith G said...

Do parsnips get floppy? I didn't know that. THere's gotta be some good recipes for kale on food network. I think I'm gonna do that organic vegetable delivery thingie too.
Maybe not.

hopeyg said...

I love kale! Cook it up with some garlic and onions salt and pepper and olive oil and I'll eat what ever you don't finish. See you domani- Hoper

Io said...

Glad everything is going well! My husband wants to do the vegetable delivery thing but I am convinced we would also end up with unused vegetables.