Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I.... Must.....Relax

How do other people make time in their lives for relaxation?
When I came home from work yesterday, I needed to feed the cat and rabbit, water the plants, do laundry, clean the room where our guest was staying, cook and eat dinner, practice fiddle, put away the laundry, hook up my computer and arrange things since we recently moved... By then it was 10 pm.
If I could find the time (at least an hour) to sit down and knit, then I would have to be really relaxed. But there is so much to do! Once the moving and straightening is over, I need to start looking for a job.
The knitting project (a purse) that I started in May 2007 is only two inches long!
Sometimes I feel so stressed that I call in sick to work to get caught up with all my "home" work.
How do other people cope?


Charity said...

Ooh I know the answer to that one! They buy a package of underwear and socks at Target so they dont HAVE to do laundry. They shrug off little things like practicing fiddle. and they leave wilted lettuce in the rabbits bowl (he always eats the granola anyway). If you have any more questions on how people shrug off responsibilty to spend more time relaxing Im here for you!

hopeyg said...

I'm right with you Trinks. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed today looking at the papers that I need to do and stuff to read, and exams to study for. Maybe I'll take Chair's advice and buy large packs of undies and socks. However Italian underwear always gives me wedgies!

Seriously though, make time to relax, and I'll take my own advice too.

Love you,

girlexnihilo said...

I was hoping that I could use this down time in my life to get some things done, like learn how to play the Irish Tin Whistle. But I have so little energy, all I really do during the day is stare out the window into the front yard. And you know what? It's not so bad.