Thursday, May 29, 2008

Test results

I did finally receive my test results from the doctor. My TSH level is 2.91, which is quite a bit higher than the 2.03 I had 14 months ago, but still under 3.0 and therefore within everyone's definition of normal. I still think I do have a lot of symptoms that point to a thyroid deficiency. Maybe in another 14 months my level will be high enough that the doctors will think so to.

I looked at the possibility of wasting some more money on a non-traditional doctor, but then I realized I already know what they will say:
Stop eating wheat
Replace all your metal fillings
Avoid (insert food name here)

Unless I am willing to make sacrifices, going to see a naturopathic doctor is just another waste of money.


Io said...

I don't think I coudl give up wheat. Bring on the unnatural drugs I say.

Penny said...

Me either, I can't give up wheat.

Also I think the fillings thing is nonsense.

Yay for normal TSH!

hopeyg said...

Hey Trinks,

I know of a place that does all sorts of testing on fertility things, they have a whole procedure of tests on horomone levels etc. but it's a Catholic place so I don't know if you would be interested. If you are interested here's the sight. I actually ran into this site while I was studying for my human reproduction classes.