Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big waste of money #1

When I was first diagnosed with endometriosis, I thought it was a venereal disease. My gynecologist handed me a pamphlet, but didn’t offer any guidance on how to deal with it. I searched for help with Dr. Google. I had known someone who successfully treated her endo by working with a nutritionist, but all the nutritionists at my clinic focused on diabetes and weight loss. Then I found someone who advertised “integrative health." This seemed like the right track!

The consultation cost $150. After all sorts of tests conducted with a machine and a metal wand poked into my palm, she said that I had heavy metal poisoning from my silver fillings, I should avoid wheat flour, and I was allergic to everything except beef and broccoli. She also prescribed $250 worth of pills and liquids that I could only buy from her.

I did (and do) try to avoid wheat flour, but not at the expense of pasta. My dentist refused to remove my silver fillings. And at the time I saw her, I hadn't eaten beef in over two years due to fears of BSE.

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